Local Spotlight

Academic Arisan English Teacher Community

AA LogoAcademic Arisan is a non-profit community, active in professional development for English teachers including developing materials, practicing cutting edge teaching techniques, managing classrooms and improving teachers’ English skills. We have more than 400 members, coming from Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Karawang, and Bogor, who involve actively in our academic activities.

Academic Arisan held the first workshop in March, 2010 at Museum Bank Mandiri, Kota, in which we launched our logo and identity. Since that first workshop, Academic Arisan has been welcomed enthusiastically by many English teachers and has managed to hold forty workshops and round table discussions in several places like Kemendikbud Library, Taman Bacaan Masyarakat Semanggi, UKI, Universitas Pakuan, Universitas Borobudur, and Universitas Yarsi.

Academic Arisan cares about the English learning and teaching process of Indonesian students and teachers. As a non-profit organization, we facilitate communicative and interesting activities in learning English with the expectation that teacher participants will later be able to manage interesting activities in their own classrooms that eventually will encourage their students to learn and to master English more easily. To meet this goal, teachers should vary their teaching techniques and improve their own English competence.

In short, Academic Arisan set the following points as its vision and mission:

  1. AA empowers teachers with communicative and current teaching techniques.
  2. AA improves teachers’ English skills.
  3. AA helps increase teachers’ confidence in teaching and facilitates their public speaking skills through presentations and workshops

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