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Language Teaching Workshop: Grammar, Writing, Speaking, Listening

This series of presentations, given at Universitas Sam Ratulangi on Nov. 1, 2013 by English Language Fellows Brian Holzer and Jeremy Beal, is full of principles and practical activities for teaching grammar, writing, speaking, and listening. Principles for Teaching Communicative Grammar Writing Activities Activities for Teaching Speaking Fluency Listening Skills Continue reading

Authentic Reading

Authentic reading: “Ministry halts condom program”

This week’s authentic reading may be sensitive and suitable for senior high school or university level students. However, it raises an important issue. HIV and AIDS education is important, but some conservative groups would rather not talk about it because they feel that these conversations actually promote sex. What do your students think? Read the … Continue reading

PCV Listening Resource

PCV Listening Resource

The Peace Corps volunteers have created a 4-hour long listening resource, complete with lesson plans! Please use it whenever you want and give it to whomever you want! Description: The LRP (listening resource project) is specifically designed for the TEFL classroom. It is unique in that it not only focuses on vocabulary,¬†grammar, pronunciation and language … Continue reading